Gábor Lugosi's preprints:

L. Devroye, G. Lugosi, and P. Zwiernik. Property testing in graphical models: testing small separation numbers. (PDF )

F. Calvillo, L. Devroye, and G. Lugosi. Subtractive random forests with two choices, (PDF )

G. Lugosi and M. Matabuena, Uncertainty quantification in metric spaces (PDF )

L. Addario-Berry, G. Lugosi, and R. Imbuzeiro Oliveira. The top eigenvalue of uniformly random trees. (PDF )

L. Addario-Berry, S. Briend, S. Donderwinkel, C. Kerriou, L. Devroye, and G. Lugosi. Random friend trees. (PDF )

S. Briend, C. Giraud, G. Lugosi, and D. Sulem., Estimating the history of a random recursive tree. (PDF )

C. Atamanchuk, L. Devroye, and G. Lugosi. On the size of temporal cliques in subcritical random temporal graphs. (PDF )

C. Atamanchuk, L. Devroye, and G. Lugosi. A note on estimating the dimension from a random geometric graph. (PDF )

S. Briend, G. Lugosi, and R. Imbuzeiro Oliveira. On the quality of randomized approximations of Tukey's depth. (PDF )

N. Broutin, N. Kamčev, and G. Lugosi. Increasing paths in random temporal graphs. (PDF )

S. Briend, L. Devroye, and G. Lugosi. Broadcasting in random recursive dags. (PDF )

G. Lugosi and G. Neu. Online-to-PAC Conversions: Generalization Bounds via Regret Analysis. (PDF )

G. Lugosi, G. Neu, and J. Olkhovskaya. Learning to maximize global influence from local observations. (PDF )

Conference papers with no journal version:

N. Cesa-Bianchi, Claudio Gentile, G. Lugosi, and G. Neu. Boltzmann exploration done right. NIPS, 2017. (PDF )

T. Liu, G. Lugosi, G. Neu and D. Tao. Algorithmic stability and hypothesis complexity. 34th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2017. (PDF )

Y. Seldin, and G. Lugosi, (2017). An Improved Parametrization and Analysis of the EXP3++ Algorithm for Stochastic and Adversarial Bandits. COLT 2017. (PDF )

Y. Seldin, and G. Lugosi, (2016). A Lower Bound for Multi-Armed Bandits with Expert Advice EWRL 2016. (PDF )

M. Alamgir, G. Lugosi, and U. von Luxburg (2014). Density-preserving quantization with application to graph. downsampling COLT 2014. (PDF )

N. Cesa-Bianchi, P. Gaillard, G. Lugosi, and G. Stoltz (2012). Mirror descent meets fixed share (and feels no regret). NIPS 2012. (PDF )

G. Lugosi, O.Papaspiliopoulos, and G. Stoltz (2009). Online Multi-task Learning with Hard Constraints. (PDF) COLT 2009.