Coordinators: Alexander Frug and Sandro Shelegia
Day: Monday, Time: 14.30
Room: 20.183


October 2

Julian Wright (University of Singapore) 
"Search platforms: Showrooming and price parity clauses" (Joint with C. Wang)

October 9

Otto Toivanen (Aalto University) 

"Welfare Effects of R&D Support Policies" (Joint with T. Takalo and T. Tanayama)

October 16

Markus Reisinger (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) 
"Sequencing Bilateral Negotiations with Externalities” (Joint with J. Münster)

October 23

Aldo Rustichini (University of Minnesota)
"Choice and Memory"

October 30

Gary Charness (UC Santa Barbara)
"Biases over biased informaion structures: Confirmation, Contradiction and Certainty Seeking Behavior in the Laboratory"

November 13

Natalia Fabra (UC3M)

"Product Choice and Price Discrimination in Markets with Search Frictions" (Joint with J.P. Montero)

November 20

Antonio Cabrales (UCL) "Does pre-play social interaction improve negotiation outcomes?" (Joint with P. Brañas-Garza, G. Mateu, A. Sánchez and A. Sutan) 

December 4

Pasquale Schiraldi (LSE) "Heterogeneous time preferences and hyperbolic discounting: Evidence from the UK Mortgage Market" (Joint with P. Bracke and M. Levy)

December 11

Renato Gomes (Toulouse School of Economics)
"Missed Sales and the Pricing of Ancillary Goods" (Joint with J. Tirole)

March 5

Leeat Yariv (Caltech)

March 12

Aureo de Paula (UCL)

April 9

Attila Ambrus (Duke University)


May 7

Johannes Horner (Yale University)

May 14

Rachel Griffith (University of Manchester)

May 28

Dirk Bergemann (Yale University)