Coordinator: Rahil Hosseini
Day: Wednesday, Time: 13:00
Room: 20.233


September 27
Dijana Zejcirovic & Thomas Woiczyk (UPF) 
"Does Size Matter? - Behavioural Consequences of Map Projections"

October 4
Mohammad Ghaderi (UPF) 
"Color and Brand Personality"

October 11
Elizaveta Konovalova (UPF) 
"An Information Explanation for the In-Group Heterogeneity Effect"

October 18
Felix Mauersberger (UPF) 
"Thompson Sampling in Games and Markets"

October 25
Thomas Woiczyk (UPF)
"Discussion of Incoming Job Market Candidate"

October 30
Thomas Woiczyk (UPF)
"Language and Social Behaviour"

November 15
Timo Sohl (UPF) 
"Business Exit and Resources Redeployment"

November 22

Miguel Espinosa (UPF) 
"Passing the Hot Potato: Above or Aside" (Joint with R. Lecuona)

November 29
Shohei Yamamoto (UPF) "The Endowment Effect in the Future"

December 4

Claire Brouwer (UPF) 
"When do moral exemplars elicit inspiration instead of irritation?"

December 13
Josep Gisbert Rodriguez (UPF) 
"Biography of a Bias"

December 20--NOTE DIFFERENT TIME: 12.30

Rahil Hosseini(UPF) 
"Evaluation Style (Global/Local) and Dehumanization"

January 31
Karolis Liaudinskas (UPF) 
"Human vs. machines. Evidendece from stock trading"

February 7
Susanne Koster (IESE Business School): Achieving Innovative and Financial Performance: The Challenge of Corporate Venture Capital Investors

February 14
Katharina Anna Janezic (UPF): To lie or not to lie- The impact of different lie types on decision-making

February 21
Elia Soler Pastor ​(​UPF​-Departament de Ciències Polítiques i Socials​)​: Getting the most out of it: interculturalism and its effects on creativity and intergroup outcomes