Name Dissertation Supervisor Date Completed Placement
Karelaia, Natalia "Redundancy, Choice, and Simple Decisions Models" Prof. Robin Hogarth April, 2005 INSEAD
Kasperskaya, Yulia "Essays on Causal Performance Measurement Models" Prof. Oriol Amat March, 2007 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Khametshin, Dmitry "Essays in Empirical Banking and Financial Stability" Prof. Peydró December, 2017 TBA
Kolev, Gueorgui "Behavioural Biases and Chief Executive Officers Compensation" Prof. Robin Hogarth December, 2009 LSE
Konovalova, Elizaveta "Categories, Variability, and Inferences: Essays on Human Judgment" Prof. Gael Le Mens January, 2018 TBA
Koudijs, Peter "Trading and Financial Market Efficiency in Eighteenth-Century Holland" Prof. Hans-Joachim Voth June, 2011 Stanford Graduate Schoool of Business (From August, 2011 on)
Lanau, Sergi "Essays on Sovereing Debt Markets" Prof. Jaume Ventura October, 2008 Bank of England
Laureys, Lien "Essays on Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Policy" Prof. Jordi Galí June, 2013 Bank of England
Lejarraga, Tomas "Decisions from Experience: Time Delays, Complexity and Illusions of Control" Prof. Robin Hogarth July, 2009 Carnegie Mellon University
Li, Zhao "Essays on Banking, Financial Fragility and CEO Compensation" Prof. Xavier Freixas December, 2015  
Linarello, Andrea "Trade, Input-Output Linkages and Productivity" Prof. Gancia and Prof. Ventura November, 2014 Banca d'Italia
Llorente, Aniol "Voting Mechanisms and Negotiation in Multiple-Issue Bargaining Situations" Prof. Rosemarie Nagel September, 2008 California Institute of Technology
Lombardi, María "Essays in Applied Microeconomics" Prof. Libertad González and Prof. Stephan Litschig September, 2017 University of Gothenburg
López, Rafael "Essays on Individual Choice" Prof. Fernando Vega April, 2005 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
López-Gallo, Fabrizio "A Theory on the Interbank Market with an application to the Mexican case" Prof. Xavier Freixas July, 2005 Banco de México
Lucena, Abel Ernesto "Essays on Complementarities in R&D Activities: Implications for Innovation" Prof. Walter Garcia-Fontes February, 2011 Universidad de las Islas Baleares
Lugon, Alejandro "Essays on Social Choice and Public Economics" Prof. Antonio Cabrales May, 2004 Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Lüthi, Eva "Tax Competition: Dynamic Policy and Empirical Evidence" Prof. Albert Marcet July, 2010 KPMG London (From September 2010 on)
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