Name Dissertation Supervisor Date Completed Placement
Jansen, Marion "Labour Markets, Training and Competitiveness: Theoretical and Empirical Aspects" Prof. F. Zilibotti November 2001 World Trade Organization
Jarocinska, Elena "Political Economy of Intergovernmental Grants" Prof. Robin Hogarth October, 2006  
Jarocinski, Marek "Essays on Bayesian and Classical Econometrics with Small Samples" Prof. Albert Marcet June, 2006 ECB
Jimenez, Sergi "Bargaining about Wages: Evidence from Spain " Prof. Jaume García November, 1994 UPF
Jofre, Mireia "Healthcare and Interaction Between Public System and Private Sector" Prof. G. Lopez and M. Motta February, 1998 City University London
Jorge, José Manuel "Essays on Macroeconomics of Banking" Prof. Xavier Freixas March, 2005 Universidade do Porto
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