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  • GOLAZO R package for a general assymetric regularization of the log-likelihood in graphical models.
    To install, just call in R: devtools::install_github("pzwiernik/golazo")
  • MTP2binary R package for a fitting MTP2 binary distributions and the Ising model in particular.
    To install, just call in R: devtools::install_github("pzwiernik/MTP2binary")
  • mtp R package for working with Gaussian MTP2 distributions. Now made pretty much obsolete by golazo.
    To install, just call in R: devtools::install_github("pzwiernik/mtp2")
  • Structural EM R package for the structural EM algorithm for Gaussian latent tree models (no documentation yet).
    To install, just call in R: devtools::install_github("pzwiernik/StructuralEM")
  • LatentClass R package with the EM algorithm for discrete latent class models (no documentation yet). It has implemented the exact maximum likelihood for the simple 2x2x2 latent class model.
    To install, just call in R: devtools::install_github("pzwiernik/LatentClass")

secondary publications:

  • Berg, J.B. van den, Castro, R., Draisma, J., Evers, J.H.M., Hendriks, M., Khimshiashvili, G., Krehel, O., Kryven, I., Mora, K.,Szabó, B.T., Zwiernik, P. (2012). Non-imaging optics for LED-lighting. Proceedings of the 84th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry, 30 January - 3 February 2012, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
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  • The Algebra and Geometry of general Markov models (PhD thesis, University of Warwick), 2010. Written under supervision of Diane Maclagan and Jim Q. Smith.
  • Geometria toryczna statystycznych binarnych modeli grafów (Master's thesis, University of Warsaw), 2007. Written under supervision of Jarosław Wiśniewski.
  • Ukryte modele Markowa w analizie danych dotyczacych koniunktury gospodarczej (Master's thesis, Warsaw School of Economics), 2003. Written under supervision of Monika Dędys.

technical reports: