Mathematics and statistics in music.
Being a statistician and a musician, I like making songs about statistics. Usually these are satirical, although one of them, The SVD Song, is mostly educational but in an entertaining way.  My songs have been performed at many conferences over the years.  In 2007 the organizers of the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, held in Barcelona, asked me for an idea for the opening of the conference.   As a consequence, the singer Gurdeep Stephens, with whom I have recorded two CDs of my own compositions, and I opened the conference with four of my statistical songs.  In 2013 I was invited to South Africa to talk at a celebration of the International Statistics Year at the University of Pretoria, where I also performed fours songs, two of which were written specially for the event.  One of these two new ones, The P-Value Song, was awarded second prize in a Statistical Songwriting Contest at the US Conference on Teaching of Statistics in May 2015.  Recently I wrote some songs for the International Conference on Risk Analysis in Barcelona, 2015, which my daughter Karolien (“Karol Green”) performed at the conference opening.

Visit my Statistical Songs channel on YouTube for more videos.