Below the surface CD cover
Gurdeep Stephens    vocals
Michael Greenacre    spanish guitar, vocals, keyboard
Santi Careta    electric guitar, slide guitar, banjo


music composed by Michael Greenacre


Diya Courty-Stephens & Karolien Greenacre    vocals
Jordi Blanes   bass guitar
Arecio Smith   keyboard
Marcel·lí Bayer   flute & saxophone
Ioannis Papaioannou   bouzouki
Marta Perna   cello
Santi Serratosa & Antonio Torres   drums


recorded at One Ton Studio, Victoria, Canada by Wynn GogolThe Emergency Room Studio, Barcelona, by Dave Bianchiand Recso Studio, Avinyó, Catalonia, by Andreu Monsó
mixed by Dave Bianchi
mastered by Kelly Hibbert


cover drawing and poem “below the surface” by André de Wet
water by Scott Thoe
graphic design by Françoise Greenacre

The album Below the surface is a collection of songs based on poems by different authors.

Water Wind Sun & Sea
A catchy song about renewable energy, written by Michael G. As many as 30 people contributed, including 13 children and 7 musicians.  VISIT the Water Wind Sun & Sea FACEBOOK PAGE.