Since I left Cape Town by passenger boat in 1973, heading for Europe and to my doctoral studies in France, I have made many beautiful trips all over the world.

These are the places where I have spent a significant amount of time, more than a month, almost exclusively for academic reasons (but always combined with a bit of tourism!). The area of the dot is proportional to the amount of time spent there.


My academic work centres around methods for analysing multivariate data, i.e. observations that consist of many variables. I specialized in correspondence analysis, one of the principal techniques in this field, and have worked mainly with social scientists and ecologists on fascinating projects in these areas.


Certain poetry lends itself to be set to music. I composed settings of various poems, some by famous poets such as William Blake, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Wilfred Owen and Charles Baudelaire, as well as poetry by friends of mine, notably André de Wet. These have now been recorded by the singer Gurdeep Stephens and myself, along with Santi Careta, my daughter Karolien and several other musicians from Catalonia.